Fighting Words

I found this YouTube video, which takes the song "Fighting Words" by Trace Adkins, and puts it to pictures of soldiers. I don't normally listen to country music, but I enjoyed this .

I especially liked the ending, where Trace says:
Son, the 1st Amendment protects you from the government, not from me
That's a fact about the Constitution that many have forgotten. If the owner of a media outlet declines to let you spew your drivel on HIS dime, you lose. You can't compel a private entity to let you "express yourself".

Similarly, the government can't force you to shut up. However, the average citizen doesn't have to listen to you, respect you, or endure your theatrical posings.

We have the right to walk away, thinking you a fool. We even have the right to use OUR 1st Amendment rights to call you a fool.


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