Virtual Adoption?

I really don't know quite how I feel about this. The idea is that, for $40 a month, people can connect with an orphan online, yet allow their birth country to keep the children there, as opposed to leaving, as did Madonna's adopted child.

I suppose the idea is no stranger than the "adoption" of orphans, who then correspond with the sponsor once a month. And, because the orphan will have some regular contact with the person, via computer video hook-up, it may be of some benefit, as they will gain the chance to practice their English (a VERY useful skill in many 3rd World countries).

I tried Googling the group, but got little information - I'm a little skeptical of a high-tech solution that has no web presence. I'll check back on this in a few months - it may be that this effort is in the early stages. If I can't find any more about it in a few months - don't waste your money. I can't imagine that they would be legit.


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