Family Crisis

I can't sleep. My grandson has been admitted to the hospital, with frostbite in his feet.

The school's bus was very late, leaving kids stranded in the cold. To make it worse, they failed to get him medical attention all day. AND, they never called the parents to let them know he was injured.

I've been searching the web, looking for information on frostbite. It's serious - he has no feeling in his feet. But, it's a case where they have to wait and see what the outcome will be. There's really no way to predict what will happen.


Melissa said…
We had a reverse situation here in Texas a while back. It was 108 degrees in the late afternoon and the children loaded on the bus for the long ride home. Someone threw something out the window, so the bus driver, determined to "show these kids who was boss" made the children close all the windows in the bus. He, of course, had a fan blowing on him the entire time.
It was an hour lomg ride for the children in my neighborhood. I noticed the closed windows when the bus pulled up and I remember thinking - Oh good, they finally got a bus with air conditioning. As the children piled off the bus, I noticed they were either beet red or white as sheets all traipsing into my office, begging for water and wet paper towels. Some of them were on the verge of heat exhaustion, no longer sweating, had headaches accompanied by nausea.
Needless to say, parents (myself included) were rightfully enraged!
Fortunately, your grandson is young (I assume). That will play largely in his favor.
I will be praying for the poor young 'un and you (his family).
Bless his heart, how cold was it?

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