Guard the Borders Blogburst

By Loma Alta at LinknZona

Let us try to sort out what this armed invasion from Mexico means in the broader sense.

The US-Mexico border is out of control. Corruption and drug cartels drive Mexico further to a violent, crime-controlled country; our biggest supplier of illegal drugs.

Political self-interest, bribery by a broad spectrum of US industrial and agricultural interests of top US politicians, and the President’s family ties to Mexican “Big Oil” and possible ties to the drug cartels, cause them to support illegal immigration. This, in turn, causes them overlook the armed invasions and the millions of illegal immigrants and their billions of crimes because there are votes, political power, and big money in supporting illegal immigration.

Smuggling, illegal immigration, drugs, murder and other crimes are spilling over the US-Mexico border and making many areas no-go zones. In Arizona, for example, I previously reported that the US Forest Service posts signs warning US citizens to avoid areas of the US National Forests and the Arizona Fish and Game Department warns hunters to avoid all of southern Arizona south of the I-10 and I-8 corridors.

That the 2000 mile long open border presents our greatest security threat is obvious.

The Administration and its supporters accuse the Democrats of wanting to “cut and run” from Iraq. At the same time, the Administration denies our National Guard troops on the border permission to defend our country or themselves. When the Mexican Army and/or its drug cartel thugs invade America, our National Guard troops must cut and run. Whatever the reason, it is sickening to see American troops running from Mexicans invading the United States. No one who supports illegal immigration and armed invasion of our country can be a patriot; likewise, all who do are traitors to their country.

Our national government supports illegal immigration. The governors of AZ, CA, NM, and Texas all support illegal immigration. Thus, there is no avenue of redress for the American people short of drastic changes in our national and state governments. Some hope that the Democrat and Republican Parties will wither and be replaced by a patriotic third party. However, this is not happening, and, if it happens, it may be too late to save America. Shed a tear for America all of you who love her. Our only hope may be our prayers to God that through His mercy He will save our nation from its government.

This has been a production of the Guard the Borders Blogburst. It was started by Euphoric Reality, and serves to keep immigration issues in the forefront of our minds as we're going about our daily lives and continuing to fight the war on terror. If you are concerned with the trend of illegal immigration facing our country, join our Blogburst! Just send an email with your blog name and url to admin at guardtheborders dot com.


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