Name Your 3 Books

Hugh Hewitt has an outstanding idea!

He was a part of the bloggers who interviewed leadership candidates for the Republican House Conference. He asked 4 of them the same question:
I had asked three other congress-people the following:

What books have you read about Islamic terrorism against America and the West?

None of the three were able to name a single book. Boehner followed suit, saying that he had read books on the subject but that he couldn’t give me any names.
Assume they're not blowing smoke - i.e., just SAYING that they had, of course, read several books on the subject (and how likely is that - when you read something on a subject, you generally remember the author's name, or part of the title, or the book cover picture), what does that say for their retention of information?

Hugh has asked for input on the 3 books YOU would recommend. Go there, and give your input. I will - right after I order the new Mark Steyn book, America Alone.


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