This day in history

I just happened to go over to This Day in History, and found an event that I remembered well, although I forgot that today was the anniversary.

The Israeli Olympic hostages were killed, in a failed attempt to rescue them.

And the Games went on. It's when I basically lost all interest in the Olympics.

They had been kidnapped by the Black September group, a "Palestinian" organization - even then, the "freedom fighters" were murderous thugs. After a brief pause for a memorial service, the Games resumed.

But, without me. I turned them off, and seldom bothered to watch again. When others stayed glued to the TV for days, I read a book. It's hard to call them Games when the show is more important than fellow Olympians' lives.

Maybe that's the problem - that time, like so many other times, it was obvious that the Israelis weren't really "one of us". They were just Jews, and the world has since made it clear what it thinks of J-O-O-O-O-S.

Take a look at the men above. Athletes and coaches. They will never age. They died, and few seem to care. At least, not enough to interrupt their sports obsession.


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