Coalition Against Illegal Immigration

It was pointed out to me that Right Truth, one of the members of the Coalition, was featured in an article on illegal immigration. To say that the article was hopelessly biased is to understate it:
Immigration opponents like to talk (when not talking about violent immigrant criminals, who of course exist, but whose actions and fate have little bearing on what we should do about immigrants only here to work)
Notice that slyly slipped reference to violent criminals - that allows the many criminals who only take your money to be trivialized
about abstractions such as the reverence for the law (why victimless crime laws deserve any particular respect is rarely argued, merely asserted),
Not by me - I don't suggest that anyone have to have "reverence" for any law, just obey it - and, BTW, who said this is a VICTIMLESS CRIME? Not me - I, and all the rest of the country who end up paying for stolen "entitlements", incarcerating criminals who are illegal aliens (a substantial part of the prison population in some places), and extending citizenship benefits to children whose parents broke the law to make that status possible (something almost no other countries do) - consider that WE are the victims here.
macroeconomic studies showing alleged overall negative effects on the national economy (for all I know, similar studies might say the same about political journalists, and they might well be right),
Oooh, talk about playing the victim - pity me, I'm a political journalist! Alleged overall negative effects - the dollars have been totaled, and they are substantial.
or big-picture lucubration on the glories of a majority-white-European culture that is as doomed as our previous majority-English-German culture was in the 20th century.
Memo to self - don't forget to apologize for an accident of birth. It is SO TOTALLY my fault that some of my ancestors were English & German - BTW, NOT the majority - and I have to grovel for that for all time.
reporting such as these stories about Stillmore and Arkadelphia town bring us down to the experienced realities of immigration policy as they effect the people who actually live with and work with the supposedly damaging immigrants:
remember Rule # 1 of reporting - only Republicans are guilty without a trial- all other persons arrested are only "alleged"
human connections and relationships—familial, friendly, economic, all equally important in a human community—frayed or destroyed.
Let's look at the impact on the criminal - forget about the cost to law-abiding citizens
Why would a legal American such as Stillmore trailer park owner David Robinson hang his flag upside down in solidarity with the "criminals" taken from his trailer park?
Because businessmen who wink at illegal activity make a VERY BIG BUCK doing it?
Because they were not criminals to him. They were his tenants. And this was (is) his country. I daresay anyone who could happily see the people who support his business, support his family, dragged away in the night
Oh, the inhumanity! Dragged away - In the night! Memo to self: sternly warn ICE agents to make daytime raids only. Only the harshest dictatorships arrest at night.
for violating a paper statute,
unlike our other legislation, which is written in blood on human flesh
not for harming another human being's person or property,
but taking a job that an American would otherwise have is OK
would also feel that the world has been turned upside down.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration(CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let me know at what level you would like to participate.


Debbie said…
Great article. Did you send this out via the Yahoo group? If you did I missed it somehow.
Anonymous said…
Viva la revolucion were stayin no matter what

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