Quick Update

The DSL has been in-and-out this weekend, so I'll make use of it while I can. Some things that have caught my attention:
  • Heather McDonald has an interesting article on immigration in City Journal - Seeing Today's Immigrants Straight.

  • If you're in the mood for a good laugh, try Bring it On! In excruciating detail, someone who calls himself "Windspike" writes,
    It strikes me that W was and is an accidental president: selected, but not elected. And before Nine Eleven, he didn’t have a platform upon which to stand. Post nine-eleven, his platform is firmly grounded on and predicated upon fear. But that indeed, is a shaky proposition because it has made him and us co-dependent upon the terrorists that supply that drug. Like all good drug dealers, Osama gave us the first dose free, and we have been paying for it ever since.

    Here’s a good illustration of what I mean. If we are winning the “war on terror,” why don’t the color levels go down as more of the bad guys are rounded up and brought to justice? Instead, you will notice that as they catch more bad guys, the fear scale is elevated rather than taken down a notch or two. Why? Because fear sells more of the drug, greasing the skids for more war-mongering and the war-time-profiteering approach to policy setting and political decision making.

    Apparently, the GOP as a whole and the W, Rove and Co specifically has decided that it is better for their party to have the American people living in a constant state of fear rather than work toward peace by any means necessary.
    YES! Because, of course, if that EVIL Rove and Co. weren't around to whisper their EVIL lies into that gullible George's ear, why, everything would be peace and light! All the time! Because, as a DEMOCRATIC president once said, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." Because, of course, we shouldn't fear the lovable Muslim "freedom fighters" who treated the recently kidnapped newsmen so well. As they put it:
    We're in fairly good condition, we're alive and well and in fairly good health. We get lots of clean water, food every day, access to the bathroom, shower, clean clothes and our captors are treating us well.
    That's what I do for my guests I want to impress - lots of clean water, food every day, access to the bathroom, and - what else to I do to impress them? Hold a gun to their heads, and force them to convert. That's the main way we Catholics get new recruits.
My DSL is back, I survived another day, I exercised - I'm enjoying my evening rest.

I found a wicked piece on An Unsealed Room, which site asks the question:
How do you threaten to behead someone respectfully?
That's a really good question. I hope she doesn't put off all important activity until she gets an equally good answer. It might be a while.


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