Is It 1937 All Over Again?

I'm finding it more than a little bewildering that the international community is so focused on the unintentional civilian loss in Lebanon, while totally ignoring the intentional targeting of Israeli civilians by Hezbollah. Then I remembered.

Israelis are Jews. By definition, they are the essence of all that is despised and unholy. Without them, the world would be sunshiny and really, really peachy-keen.

[cue song - "Everything is Beautiful"]

Or, so the world would like us to think. Their reasoning:
  • All people over the world have a right to their ancestral homeland - except the Jews.
  • All people have the inherent right of self-defense - except the Jews.
  • It is a true tragedy when a child is killed in a war - except when the child is Jewish.
There, now, you should be informed and ready to take up the fight against the only REAL enemy of the people - the Jews.

That's the real trouble with John Bolton - he holds the heretical belief that Israel is not the problem child of the region.

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