Aw, Fran, youse done did it again!

Francis W. Poretto - Eternity Road is either a VERY brave man - or terminally clueless. He wrote a post guaranteed to stir up the ire of many unsatisfied women.

But, he is also right.

Fran is posting about, among other things, Sex and the City (love that title, it should propel my hit count WAY up - anytime SEX, I mean, SEXXXX, is mentioned - or boobies - that's another great word for getting to the top of the search engines).

Where was I?

Oh, yeah, why women in America are so often unsatisfied and lonely. It's because they listen to the wrong people about men.

Now, there's a few people on TV that I might listen to about men. Meredith Veiera, for example. She is married (to journalist Richard Cohen) and limited the travel she would do for work, due to family concerns (she has 3 children). Although we may differ on political issues, I respect that, when it comes to juggling multiple roles, she, at least, walks the walk.

So, why the @#$%^&* is Oprah the Queen of all Advice-givers? She's rich, buffeted by a full staff (secretaries, personal assistants, personal trainer, personal chef). I mean, she's not exactly EveryWoman.

And, she has no kids. Not one.

And she's never been married. And her "boyfriend" of many years is widely rumored to be gay.

So why do women listen to her talk about relationships?

Beats me.

In the same vein, why are certain shows so popular with "da broads"?
  • Sex and the City - the incredibly boring lives of spendaholic single women, both desperate for a man, yet rejecting of any that actually express an interest. Despite the average weight of the American women being 140, these four anorexic hysterics have the only curves on their bodies being their fake boobs. Clearly, a show designed by gay men, who were the body models for the stars.
  • Desperate Housewives - ignoring the complexities of real housewives, this show focuses on clothing, men, and sex. Along with an occasional murder. Amazingly, the women seldom interact with their children, except to be abused by them. Only 1 character has a husband at home, and he is the "housewife" at present. The others have managed to get rid of their resident men, by death, divorce, and imprisonment. Somehow, they managed to hang onto the pricy houses, the leisurely lifestyle, and the freedom to "dish" with the girls.
    On a side note, despite the overwhelming majority of Americans who express a belief in God, only one of these women attends church. Naturally, it's the uptight, hypocritical, obsessive-compulsive housewife. The others attend the Church of ME.
  • Any show on Oxygen (I could use some to counter the vapors I'm experiencing right now), Lifetime - for WOMEN!, and WE - Entertainment for WOMEN!


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