Summer Update

Well, the Guard the Borders Blogburst people are back from their vacation, and none too soon. I've had tendinitis (tennis elbow - no, I don't play), and even checking email has been hit-or-miss. I'll be following up with the doctor this afternoon. With luck, he'll decide on a magic shot of cortisone, and I'll be back to normal within a few days.

The summer is eroding faster than the hemline on an aging reality show's participants' cellulite-ridden thighs. I only have about a month until school starts again. In that time, I have to clean and organize the house in Cleveland, pack what I need to take back, work on my book, clear out the paperwork, see family and friends, and, oh yeah, prepare for the return of the students.

But, life is basically good. I have a roof over my head (actually, 2 roofs), more than enough food (I really must follow through on the diet), and many, many people who love me.

I also have high-speed Internet. Although, we've had 3 power outages in 2 days. What the heck - it gave me an excuse to raid the freezer for ice cream (hey, you wouldn't want it to go to waste, would you?).

I'll be working on getting more posts up soon. I've started a few, but I want to whip them into shape (the S & M method of editing).

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