Giants Die

I've been following the fury of the blogosphere about the NY Times' publication of the data mining of financial information of terrorist organizations. Piffle, says the NYT. They didn't jeopardize anything, since:
"I don't think the threshold test of whether you write about how the government is waging the war on terror is whether they've done something that's blatantly illegal or outrageous," Keller said. "I think you probably would like to know what they're doing that's successful as well."
Thanks for clearing that up, Mr. Keller. For an outrageous second, I thought that publication of the details of a program that was helping the US track the financial backers of terrorists might be unwise, at the least. But you've made it clear that it's simply your delightful way of supporting the war effort.


Jeb Babbin takes a different slant on the situation:
Since 9-11, none but a few of our former allies have given us more than lip service to help fight terrorism. And among them, fewer still have been willing to do so openly. When those who cooperate in secret are exposed, the damage is enormous, whether someone dies the next day or not. The NYT and WaPo bloody well knew, before the stories ran, that their publication of the CIA prisons and the SWIFT program would make it impossible for some nations to continue cooperating with us. By using their power to interrupt nations' cooperation with us, the New York Times and the Washington Post have done more damage to our nation's security than Usama bin Laden has been able to since 9-11. They have become a weapon in the terrorist arsenal. Their claims to still be guardians of our freedom are laughable, and tragically so.
Well, perhaps Mr. Babbin just isn't - what's the word - NUANCED enough.

Thank heaven for that.

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james said…
well...let's many people have died in this "fight against terrorism?" much closer are we to finding the one responsible? How close are we to finding Osama Bin Laden? True, terrorists need to be stopped, true a democratic government in iraq and iran would be nice, also true i can think of two out of the many terrorists that have been stopped and we are no closer to finding Osama Bin Laden, also true, setting up a democratic government in iraq and iran will just happen to set up a government that will more than likely sell us gas at a cheap price...sure our troops are over there to stop terrorists, but you can't tell me that there's no alternative motives afoot, you can't, it'd be ignorance if you did.

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