And I Thought My Voice Was Ghastly!

I just heard the Connie Chung "musical" rendition of the Bob Hope classic "Thanks for the Memories". Michelle Malkin has the video.

I'm going to tell my kids - if you ever joke about my voice again, I'm going to play the video - over and over and over. Loud.

Like my mother, I like to sing. All through my childhood, I'd hear her singing the songs of her youth - WWII love songs, Andrews Sisters classics, silly nonsense songs. She sang with gusto, if not any special talent, but she could basically carry a tune.

I have, if anything, less talent. More than some of the hapless American Idol hopefuls, but nothing anyone would ever pay me for. Except maybe to shut up.

But, Chung's singing goes way beyond that. It approaches the exalted level of William Hung's "She Bangs" performance. (hmmmm...they're both ethnically Asian. Is it possible that there's a genetic link to being tone-deaf?)

I don't know why Maury Povich didn't level with his wife. Maybe he truly has the dreadful taste he exhibits in his show's topics. Maybe he hears her through love-deafened ears.

Maybe he needs a hearing aid.

Whatever. Apparently leaving with a shred of tattered dignity is beyond either of them.

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Have you ever suffered through "authentic" Asian music, Linda? It tends to explain a lot.

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