What I've been doing lately

I was very good tonight - I caught up on part of my grading - one class completely done, others in progress. I should have some time tomorrow to do more, during the morning testing. I have a planning period, and I expect to use it productively (though perhaps not grading - I may use it to get ahead on planning and preparing for the year-end finals).

Over Easter Break (yes, I know it's fashionable to call it Spring Break, but it didn't coincide with Spring - March 21st, but Easter. So there.), I watched a movie I'd meant to see before - The Chronicles of Narnia. Surprisingly good, and not "dumbed down" too much. I was astonished that my son chose it - we usually watch the latest blood-and-guts thriller.

I made up for it this week - I saw both The Day After Tomorrow, and I, Robot. OK, it was a stretch to call those educational - they dealt peripherally with science - but I had to keep 20-some adolescents quiet during other classes' testing, and I was weak. I'm making up for it with a series of questions for the kids on the topic of robots and their place in our future world.

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