Thank God I wasn't drinking anything!

IMAO has a terrific satire on the illegal immigration situation. Part of it:
Bank Robbers from across the nation will gather today to hold a rally to protest some of the latest hate tactics perpetrated by evil conservative Republicans. The plan calls for criminalizing and in this case, making it a felony to rob a bank. Said one congressman, "We're tired of all this illegal activity."

According to Jose Luis Gonzalez, a career bank robber, "This is hateful plain and simple. We're just trying to feed our families. We're not bank robbers. We're undocumented withdrawers! The politicians are the real criminals."

Remarked Jose Luis, "I can't believe they would do this to me. Every time I break the law I'll have to worry about the consequences. Now I have to live my life in fear"
The rest is just as good, so check it out.NOTE: I meant to post this some time ago, but ran into issues with Blogger. I would have complained, but, come on, I'm not paying anything for it.



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