Oh, Dear! Can't manage to figure out PST

I logged on to get a message about a scheduled outage at 4PM PST. Being somewhat slow in the time zone changes thingy, I used my fingers to see that I won't have to worry until 7PM.


Again. Whew!

I've been enjoying some down time. Progress reports are in, and I'm entitled to relax. For those who aren't educators, progress reports are like a wake-up call to the kids who thought 4th quarter should be for coasting on the glories of previous work. Also, to parents, it's a dismal insight into what your kid has been saying is "fine" - translation, I've really been dogging it in school. What, you didn't expect me to actually WORK, did you?

I really don't know how parents keep from killing their young.

Maybe that's why kids are so cute. To lull their parents into a rosy "aw-w-w" moment, and escape the a$$-whupping they so richly deserve.

I'm feeling mellow. I have NO intention of working tonight. I may even pop in a DVD. Oh, the sybartic wallowing!

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