This doesn't surprise me

The following is a poll from Not surprisingly, it was found on Doonesbury
Should Dubya be censured?

Yes. Since when did breaking the law stop being against the law? I'm tired of the moral relativism of '60s-types like Bush. Can't we finally have one moment of accountability?
No, impeached. It was good enough for Clinton, who lied about hooking up with an intern. Bush's lies have lead to thousands of deaths, with no end in sight. A proportional response, please.
Neither. If I'm a Democrat, I'm like, why arouse Bush's base just before an election? If I'm a Republican, I'm like, why, what'd he do wrong?

support level

never supported W used to support W still support W
For once, I'm speechless.

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saintknowitall said…
Further support that the Dems just want a Republican impeached. Doesn't matter who. They need the score "evened".

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