A temporary lull

I've been busy with my husband this weekend, and have been shamefully remiss in planning my posts. What can I say? It was the Sacred Holiday of the Celts.

I'm a long way and time from the Old Country. By my reckoning, it's been well over 150 years since an immigrant was born into my family. Most of my ancestors were in this country well before the American Revolution.

But that's not the reason that I oppose illegal immigration. I've frankly had it with the immigrants who disdain our traditions and take advantage of the hard-working Americans' generosity. Too many come into this country and expect handouts, without any strings. I couldn't get that in ANY country, why should they expect it in mine?

Like it or not, our resources are limited. Abundant, but limited. And, if we're not careful with how they are used, we will run short ourselves. We can't save every person on the planet by allowing them to come in.

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Polski3 said…
Good Post! Those who are in favor of making current illegal immigtants perminent residents and allowing more uneducated immigrants to flood into our country should take a close look at the impact of illegal immigration on their rising health insurance rates, decline in quality of public education and the fact that many of these people march through the streets of the United States waving the flag of Mexico in protest of our government talking about taking action against them for their crimes........

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