Immigration thoughts - Wednesday

Arizona lawmakers have an interesting proposal for paying for a proposed wall to keep illegal aliens out of the US:
Mexican immigrants and nationals working in the U.S. sent $20 billion back to Mexico in 2005, according to the Federal Reserve Bank in Dallas. The proposed ballot question would assess a new 8 percent tax on international money transfers from Arizona. Those funds would be used construct the wall and pay for other border security efforts.

The measure is under consideration by the state Legislature and has the support of Republicans in favor of tougher border security and immigration controls. GOP sponsors include State Reps. Russell Pearce and Rick Murphy and state Sens. Dean Martin, Ron Gould and Thayer Verschoor.
I like this idea - the wire transfers are coming from those people who have money. It's aimed at the people who are sending money back to their home country. Most other countries have ways to take a cut of money leaving their country, so why can' we?

I applaud AZ legislators for taking the lead in this fight. The state is the major jumping point for illegal border-crossing, and that includes drug smuggling. It's not just keeping out Pedro and Maria, eager for a new life in freedom - all the illegal activities are wreaking their economy, their culture, and the medical, legal, and educational services to have to absorb all the extra people.

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