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Professor Bainbridge has an intriguing poll:
If Dick Cheney Resigns, Who Should Bush Pick as the Next VP?
Now, I'm not suggesting that Cheney quit, as has been rumored. Frankly, the rumors strike me as wishful thinking. But, if the VP slot were open for ANY reason, who would you chose?

I submitted my choice, and was VERY surprised that the far and away leading pick was C. Rice. My guy, Guiliano, was below the double-digits.

Why would I want Rudy? Well, my belief is that the VP in such a case would have a serious leg up on the next election. And he's the guy I'd support, basically because he's a guy who isn't afraid to buck the established wisdom, and he's a tough-minded SOB (I say that affectionately). I don't believe that America can afford to elect anyone who seems to be waffling on foreign policy or security issues. It's pretty clear that Islamicists would hesitate to take on Rudy. They know he'd have no hesitation about punching back.

What can I say? If your house is under seige, and you have to loose the dogs, which breed do you want to have?


Or this?

All I know is, when I took care of my mother-in-law's bulldog in her last years, nobody asked how old the dog was, or if she bit.

They just got out of the way - fast. Even at 3 am, if the dog needed to relieve herself, I didn't hesitate to take her out by myself, even in a rough neighborhood. The sight of that sturdy body with those big jaws caused more than one tough guy to cross the street and move away fast.

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Aakash said…
Rudolph the RINO?

For VP??


Oh, dear....
Linda said…
Yeah, Rudolph the RINO.

He wouldn't be my top choice, except in extreme circumstances. But, the other choices in the poll, I liked even less. And Condi is simply too unknown in domestic affairs. She's a great follower of good leaders, I just don't know if she's ready for the top spot.

The other factor is that he'll not unleash the screaming from the opposition.

Not the Democrats. The RINOS.

Would you rather have McCain?
Anonymous said…

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