Terrible way to wake up

I woke up with my cold appearing to be worse. It wasn't; I just forgot to take my decongestant before bed. Remedied now.

I fired up the portable real-time news updater (commonly called blogs), and found this interesting post via The Officers' Club
what happens when the EU does something that displeases the Muslim world again- this time with nukes pointed at them and a large pool of extremists that could be recruited for terror operations within their midst?

The EU’s playbook is that of liberalism, internationalism, and multilateralism. That works fine when there is an American armored division waiting around for somebody to get out of line- but when America disengages substantially from EURCOM, who will defend Europe? Not the Europeans.
Referred by Vodkapundit

I have a sinking feeling that they're right. And it will, unfortunately, take a near complete take-over of Western Europe to get much of the US to wake up and smell the Turkish coffee.

I read Churchill's "The Gathering Storm" again this summer. It doesn't read like history, it reads like news reports. The book was made into a not-bad movie (a surprise, given the politics of the leads - Vanessa Redgrave and Albert Finney). It didn't do that well at the box office.

Maybe they'll re-issue it once the collapse of Europe is imminent.

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