Keeping the little lady happy

The fight to the death - I mean - the meaningless pause for the obligatory protest of the Supreme Court nominee - has ended. Alito will be confirmed. And the Democrats have paid the piper - I mean the Piperettes. From Mark Steyn, writing for the Sun Times
Big-time Democrats are out there dancing for dollars in a cause so obviously non-viable that their media buddies feel obliged to signal that it's merely a charade. Does that satisfy anybody? If you were one of the elderly feminists at NOW, would you take kindly to hearing that the Democrat bigshots don't believe any of this shtick, it's just a routine they have to go through to keep the little ladies happy?
Have you no dignity left, girls? It's clear that you have to real, ideologically committed allies in the Congress, just a bunch of toadies who are willing to bluster to keep the cash flowing.

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