Pity there wasn't an opening in He((

Because of my origin in Cleveland, I've long been watching the Iman Fazwa Damra deportation proceedings. Although he lost his residency some time ago, he's been delaying leaving. However, the end may be in sight:
After Damra’s first choice, Canada, rejected his request, the imam reached an agreement with the U.S. government to relocate to Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Egypt or the Palestinian territories, said a spokesman for the Justice Department’s Executive Office for Immigration Review.

Damra, 44, of Strongsville, will remain in a Michigan jail until his deportation is resolved, which could take weeks or months, said Matt Albence, deputy special agent for the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Damra’s deportation agreement eliminated the need for a hearing before a judge in immigration court in Detroit scheduled for next week. His friends and supporters expressed regret and sympathy for the leader of Ohio’s largest mosque, located in Parma.

His family and friends say that he is anxious to "put it all behind him". Yeah, I'll bet he is - after he did his demented best to inflame the Islamic population of Cleveland (a very sizable group) into joining his jihad, he finally will have to leave.

Kudos to Canada for rejecting his bid to emigrate - I didn't think they've have the stones.

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