Immigration thoughts - Wednesday

I had originally created this post as a draft, but neglected to change the date when I posted. I've corrected that.

FrontPage Magazine has done its usual excellent job in covering a little-known aspect of the illegal alien influx - they have been committing an inordinate amount of crimes:
· New York State spends $270 million annually in criminal justice costs for aliens. It costs Illinois $40 million a year to incarcerate criminal aliens.

· In Los Angeles, roughly 95% of outstanding homicide warrants (1,200 to 1,500) are for illegal aliens, as are up to two-thirds of all felony warrants.

· A decade ago, a study by the California Department of Justice estimated that 60% of the state’s notorious 18th Street Gang (responsible for an assault or robbery every day in LA County) is comprised of those whose first crime was entering the country.
Aside from the direct costs of losing jobs to illegals, paying extra for them to abuse the medical services they are NOT entitled to, and increasing the cost of education for many parts of the country that simply can't afford to provide the service, the above examples show the more indirect costs of letting aliens flood the country.

Furthermore, the effects on our already stressed medical system is enormous:
In California, 84 hospitals have closed their doors due to the drain of being forced to treat uninsured illegals.

According to a new study by the University of South Florida, emergency rooms in the state will soon be following the lead of California hospitals. More than half of all ER patients in Florida are uninsured -- most of them illegal.

An example of the problem is illustrated in the story below from 2004:
A 28-year-old man already facing charges in two September home invasions has been accused of another “hot prowl” incident in August.

Since March, police said that at least four men — possibly more —have been breaking into the homes of about a dozen sleeping women. Women are sexually assaulted or awakened by a man touching them. Authorities call these incidents “hot prowls” because the suspects strike knowing the homes are occupied.

Omero Rojas-Penalosa, 28, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, on Tuesday was arrested on additional charges accusing him of burglary and open and gross lewdness in an Aug. 6 incident with one of his neighbors, according to police. He lives with his parents in the 500 block of Grand Canyon Boulevard.

Wait a minute, he lives with his parents? So, are they illegal, too? Has anyone in the Department of Home Security done anything about this?
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