Almost 2 years

Just for fun, I checked out The Wayback Machine (named, I believe, for the cartoon machine that Peabody, a dog, and his boy, Sherman, used to travel back in time). I found one of my first posts, from my short career on Right We Are!. I'll reproduce it below:
Like the Pointer Sisters, I'm so excited!

I’m the new girl (Woman? Chick? Old Lady?) at Right We Are!. I’m still in a state of shock that Maripat accepted my offer to help. It’s a little like seeing A-Rod sitting on a park bench, off-handedly saying, “Wanna toss a ball around?” and hearing back, “Sure.” Panic time!

I’m a science teacher, formerly teaching in urban schools, currently unemployed, and completing my master’s in technology. I have 3 children and 2 grandchildren, and a husband who:

· Cooks most of the time
· Picks up after himself (most of the time)
· Does laundry
· Still rings my chimes

What more could you ask for?

I am another used-to-be liberal. I was born in 1951, so that makes me a Boomer. I was too cautious (OK, I was chicken) to participate in drugs or random sex, but I seldom questioned the Boomer orthodoxy, either social or political.

Then came 9-11.

Two of my children were in the service that day (Navy and Army National Guard). I was worried about their safety, but my view about military response was the same as it is today. The terrorists crossed the line, and I’m going to open a can.

What gets me hot? (Not hot sexy, but frothing at the mouth kind)

· Most teachers – willing to blame anyone for student failure other than themselves. And don’t get me started on educational theory.
· Women who believe that all men are awful, and all women are wonderful, and everything would be perfect if men could just be more like women.
· People who sneer at “Christian values”. It’s those values that led us to end slavery and child labor, provide for the helpless, treat women with dignity, etc. Show me the Wiccan or New-Ager who’s had that kind of impact.
· People who laughingly say “I can’t do math”. Maybe you can’t today, but you could learn.
That appeared on January 26, 2004. If not for Maripat's generousity in sharing her blog, I would probably still be blurking, and occasionally commenting. Instead, I've created 491 posts on this blog, as well a number on my Technology in Teaching blog.

If you also have the urge to start posting, drop me a line. If your interests and mine mesh, I can arrange for you to guest-blog sometimes. It's a nice way to break into the field.

Also looking for co-bloggers is Our World and Welcome to It. There's a link on the Blogroll.

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