Why bother?

Begging to Differ's thoughts on blogging are sticking with me, and I'm finding it affecting what I'm focusing on today (see post below).

I found another soapbox rant (his words, not mine) just after posting, that asks some very important questions. Namely, what's really important in life?
The money spent on paparazzi pictures of pretty boring celebrities could be used to build orphanages in AIDS ravaged Africa and feed hungry people here in America. Apparently one magazine paid almost four hundred thousand dollars for a picture of Brad Pitt walking on the beach with Angelina Jolie. Four hundred thousand dollars!

How about Nick and Jessica’s imminent split or Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s divorce? Who cares about what type of toilet paper the Desperate Housewives use. Or what Paris Hilton has to say about anything? Who cares? Apparently the world does because that’s all we ever hear about.
Ask around - huge numbers of your family, friends, and acquaintances spend an inordinate amount of time focusing on these useless topics for gossip. It's a sad world when more people know the name of the latest American Idol than the governor of their state.

I brought back my copy of The Purpose-Driven Life with me this last trip. It made a powerful impression on my life, as I spent every day for over 6 weeks asking myself "Why am I here?" I'm recommending it to everybody I know.

Whether or not you follow that suggestion or not, spend some time every day from now to the New Year, thinking about what's core in your life. If you believe that something is important, but spend no time on it, your values may be out of whack with your actions. I know mine were.

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