THIS is what makes us different...and better

I found this on Captain's Quarters - if you don't read his blog daily, you're missing one of the best.
In her Star-Tribune article, Kersten highlights local Army medic Sgt. Joe Buhain of Rochester and his dedication to saving lives on the battlefield, regardless of which side his patients fought:

What do you do if you are an Army medic and you are asked to provide medical care to an Iraqi terrorist who has just killed or maimed some of your buddies? Staff Sgt. Joe Buhain of Rochester knows the answer. ...

Buhain, 35, found it emotionally taxing to treat terrorists who had detonated explosives under coalition Humvees or killed innocent children.
This is a perfect example of what differentiates us from the enemy - we honor our Creator and our Constitution by living up to their highest ideals. We endeavor to treat all men as though they are equal, all men as we would like to be treated, ourselves. As the few instances of abuse demonstrate, we sometimes fail. But we prosecute those failures. We don't put them on video, and use them as a recruiting tool.

We aren't going to turn everyone with this approach. Some of the hard-core are going to take it as a sign of weakness.

But, we don't act honorably and righteously for their sake. We do it because it defines us as human beings.

Ultimately, we do it lest we otherwise become as they are. And we are better than that.

Or should be.

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