Off to Cleveland

My bags are packed, I've printed out my ticket, and I'm just waiting for my ride.

Sounds like a good time to rant.

The anti-death penalty types are hard at work, milking the execution of Tookie "the sociapath" for all it's worth (not much). The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler is in fine form:
Tookie was a sociopath, period. A particularly vile sort of sociopath. What sociopaths do is pretend, lie and steal, anything that they perceive will get them closer to their goal which in Tookie the Turd’s case was getting away from the gurney awaiting him in St. Quentin, by any means possible.

He didn’t want to die because he was afraid of it. The “big, bad boy” who had no trouble sending other people off to an early grave over $100 was pissing his pants at the thought of dying himself. Funny when you think of it, but not at all strange for a sociopath like Tookie the Twit. And, like all other sociopaths worshipping at the Holy Church of Self, writing a few childrens’ books and pretending to give a shit was a small price to pay to further his goal of self-preservation.
I agree. I mean, would it have killed him (pun intended) to have said,

"My bad."

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