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Ace of Spades HQ has a post on the Tookie race to avoid his just punishment. As Ace points out:
whatever complaints his defenders have about certain evidence, it is uncontested that this guy founded the ultraviolent Crips gang.

I know you're not supposed to look beyond the actual evidence, but give me an f'n' break. You don't found the Crips and expand it across the nation by holding charity bake-sales and knitting scarves for the homeless.
He's never broken with the gang. He says he "regrets" his influence on the young. As he should. But, frankly, that's not enough to keep him from dying by lethal injection.

Every now and then, someone who realizes that I oppose killing the helpless (unborn and elderly) says "but you're for capital punishment!" I suppose they think that I've never considered the APPARENT contradiction in that stance.

Well, I have. And the fact is that criminals facing death for their crimes asked for what they are receiving - indirectly, through their callousness about others' lives. While I'm sure that they would not like to die, it's not their call. If we, as a society, could be sure they would NEVER been released, and, hence, never offend again, perhaps I'd consider being against the death penalty. But there's always some chucklehead who wants to open the doors of the prison and release the felon onto an unsuspecting world. Can't risk it.

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