Stop the world, I want to get off!

I've been feeling strangely disconnected from world events. Part of that is my lack of a TV (people ask "how do you manage" in a very perplexed tone, but I smile and answer "I really don't miss it at all"). Part of it is also my focus on my husband's health - when someone close to you is endangered, literally nothing else matters. One of my favorite blogs, The Anchoress, posted on that very same issue.
The world is spinning. The people who belong to the world - both left and right - are spinning themselves into sickness. Simple centrifugal force has cast them far from sense and centrality and stuck them onto walls of extremism from which they cannot peel themselves free. I don’t believe they all like it there, against the walls, but this is what their willful spin hath wrought, and movement has been rendered impossible, and so they twirl and twirl and twirl away.

As for me - I just spent nearly two weeks away from the spinning, and now I realize what a dreadful thing is overinvolvement with the “things and matters of the world” - and how difficult it is to remove oneself from a spinning capsule once one has strapped oneself inside. In my case, my body threw a switch and ejected me from the roundy-round, but - quite astonishingly - it took almost a week after hitting the ground for me to begin to see more clearly.

All that spinning jumbles the brains.
Years ago, when the kids were small, I used to take mini-vacations from watching TV. Days would go by, and I would have no awareness of events outside my home. I always figured that if major events occurred, someone would tell me.

When not focused on the ephemeral, time slows down. The day seems to expand, and be filled with more satisfying activities (not unlike the pleasure one takes in good food during a period of fasting or dieting). That's part of the idea behind The Lord's Day - one brief time in the week that takes you out of the daily grind, and allows you to spend time in the eternal realm. You return, refreshed for the next week.

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