Multiculturalism - as planned, and as delivered

I've been battling those who want to shove multiculturalism down our throats for some time. I'm not against bringing into traditional American culture the facets of our new immigrants's former countries that are part of their heritage. For many years, the American culture has benefited from the arts, music, and other traditions of the "new guys". We've broadened our cuisine, added the art and music to our playlists, and become familiar with their ways, religions, and culture.

It's pretty much a one-way street for the new immigrants. They expect us to learn their ways, but decline to expand their culture to include us. They self-segregate in separate communities, are, in many cases, downright hostile to those outside their culture, and militantly insist on their "right" to keep their culture pure - no contamination from those "infidel" types. They even insist on our children learning about their culture, while trying to eliminate any public recognition of Christianity or Judaism.

They do all this with the active assistance of many of our people.

Want specifics? Go to Little Green Footballs for MULTIPLE examples of the above. Most of them are already old news in Eurabia. They are becoming increasingly common in the US.

Others who have written of this situation:

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