The wolves are snapping at the administration's heels

The Fox News story points out SOME of the scandals of recent presidencys. The story led with Raymond Donovan, a sitting Cabinet secretary under Reagan. In theory, that's why that part was at the top - because they both served in the Cabinet. Me, I'm inclined to believe that it was more because he was Republican. They could have, instead picked the most recent Cabinet official to have been indicted - Henry Cisneros, the Housing Secretary under Clinton. But, that would have meant that the story would start with a Democrat. That's a no-no.

What's interesting is the number that may have substantial political motivations, if you judge by the number of acquittals. Unless the politician got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, the juries tended to acquit.

Another Fox story focuses solely on "Scooter" Libby, and provided support for his eventual acquittal by pointing out that
Only one person went to prison in the Iran-Contra affair, although several people pleaded guilty to making false statements. President Clinton and his wife, Hillary, were cleared in the Whitewater investigation of fraudulent land deals in Arkansas, a subject well-suited to a lack-of-memory defense. The land deals took place a decade before they came under criminal investigation.
I kinda feel sorry for Harriet - after the initial excitement, she had to feel let down when she saw the evaluations of her performance each night on the news. She probably felt that she could handle it, but it's clear that she was a real nice person, just out of her depth. Whether she had the "smarts" to do the job or not (and most are inclined to think "not"), she certainly proved that she didn't have the political savvy for the position.

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