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A Fox News story on the GodBlog convention totally misses the point
Blogging's popularity is no doubt on a rapid rise, although it hasn't yet taken hold over the vast majority of Internet users.

By the end of 2004, 8 million U.S. adults — 7 percent of adults who use the Internet — reported having created a blog, according to a study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project.
Traditional media always focuses on the fact that it's only a small percentage of the Internet population that publishes a blog.

Dolts. It's an even smaller percentage of the reading population that ever started a newspaper or TV/radio station. It's not necessary for every single reader to CREATE A BLOG, but they are clearly being influenced by the phenomenon. Those who aren't writing blogs are reading blogs, more every day. And, as they become accustomed to getting a larger percentage of their news from blogs and websites, they dependence on MSM decreases. More every day.

Why do some of us feel compelled to blog, and others not? Could be we like to write, have strong opinions (when formerly offline with them, tended to drive our families and friends up the wall expressing them at great length), and not afraid to blaze the trail.

Or, maybe, nothing can shut us up when we want to have our say. Sort of like those guys in the early days, Adams, Monroe, et al. Citizen publishers all.

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