neo-neocon has an interesting post on blogging. She writes about the unmediated nature of blogs - nothin' between the blogger and the reader, except some elecrons. No editors. No lengthy process, during which the blogger might re-consider the wisdom of stating his/her thoughts quite that strongly, or using those words.

It's the immediacy I kinda like. A little like the bad old days of straight-from-the-hip journalism. Occasionally rash, and often inflammatory. But exciting.

I'm tired of pontificating, mock-I'm-an-unbiased-observer attitude that the MSM types affect. I really prefer my reporting and commentary to be straight about the biases - don't we all have them?

I even like the glimpses of personal life interwoven into the politics, culture, and commentary. I like them so much, that, when I moved to SC, I didn't bother to get a TV. My only news comes from a weekly local paper, and online reporting. And, to be honest, I don't miss the MSM - not one bit.

Judging from the ratings, I'm not alone.

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Along with that immediacy goes an unprecedented degree of responsiveness, and a sense of equality between speaker and listener.

It comes close to being "all good."

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