Believe it or not, I've never read The Daily Kos, before today. But when I read about Tips for Protestors (doesn't that remind you of Glamour's Do's and Don'ts - sprightly advice on what to wear?), I had to look - and see what I found!

Don't have a hippy drum circle:

There are few things more annoying and irrelevant than a bunch of dreadlocked Boulderites banging on drums while dancing around with erect nipples under their hemp shirts.

Don't have a gothic pagan chorus on the stage talking about mermaids:

This actually happened at the last November 3rd movement rally. It has nothing to do with the overall point of the protest. Rather it is just an opportunity for superficial hipsters to whine about "mother earth". They then leave to go get coffee and don't stay for the rally.

Don't talk about gay rights or other issues that have little to do with the Iraqi invasion:

Believe it our not, all of the protesters do not see eye to eye. Although Palestine and gay rights are very important issues (and yes, I do realize that there are parallels between imperialism with Palestine and Iraq) that does not mean we should have speakers that talk for 30 minutes on the subjects. It is sloppy and off message to the united coalition of organizations and individuals against the Iraq war to talk about different issues that they may not agree with. Stay with a poignant message and prosper.

Don't use the slogan "No Blood For Oil!":

Face it. The bromide is tired, used. Be creative.
I'm not sure that the advice to "Be creative" will be understood by those folks who are oh-so-cleverly hammering their foes with the phrase "IRAQ = VIETNAM" - yes, they ALWAYS use all caps.

There's more on the Kos site - check them out.

I found the reference to Kos on Organized Chaos. She's young, she's funny, and she's worth checking out. I have, and I added her to the Blogroll.

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Lisa said…
Thanks for the link. Just don't link to Kos. Expect further comments in your inbox. :)

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