Baldilocks also had the same reaction to the sniping. Earth to elitists: This isn't the old days, when waiting on the tables of your "betters" would pay the tuition. There's a reason most kids, however academically qualified, don't even bother to apply. It's called FINANCIALLY IMPOSSIBLE!

OK - rant over.

I can't believe that I'm hearing one of the biggest objections to the Miers nomination is that she attended Southern Methodist University!

It's not even the religious underpinnings of the school that the elitists are talking about - it's the fact that she didn't deign to attend a more prestigious institution.

Earth to Snobs! Not all of the civilized world is eager to drop the equivalent of a new car each year (and a high-end car, at that), simply to rub elbows with our "betters". I am one who attended the local college, and spent the first two years at a - gasp - community college.

Oh, the horror! Worse, the brazen lack of shame!

Hey, when you return to school laden with 3 kids and a husband, you go for the cheapest nearby solution. It worked out, too. I've since taken classes at more pricy schools, and I can honestly say that the education was comparable.

Get over it, Toots. Attendance at an Ivy or wannabe doesn't indicate rare intellect, or even competence. It just says you've got the disposable income.

It's also no guarantee that the education received is top-notch. The more expensive schools are infamous for using TAs in the first 2 years. I never had a class taught by an assistant, and only a few taught by someone below the rank of professor. It was easy to approach them after class for assistance. Many became personal friends.

Scads of successful people acquired their post-high school education at ordinary local colleges. Not all attendees at the Ivies leave for a glorious future - don't forget a grad that Harvard would probably rather not admit is an alum - Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber.

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