...but, then, I wasn't that excited about the IPod, either.

Jobs did it again, apparently
The new video iPod, available in black or white, will be able to play video and podcasts. A 30-gigabyte version will sell for $299 and a 60-gigabyte, $399. Extra features on both versions include a clock, a calendar that Jobs said never looked better, a stop watch and a screen lock.

"It's really very beautiful and very thin," Jobs told assembled journalists and guests.

The video iPod will lock TV shows and music videos downloaded from the iTunes store with copy-protection software, just as Apple does for music. But it will also support the MPEG-4 video standard, meaning users could view home movies and other unencrypted videos on it.
I really can't see the excitement, but then, I already have videocameras and alternate video output equipment. The small screen seems to say,
Gramps, get out of the way - the future is about to run you over
After all, I also wear reading glasses. And really find Mozilla most useful (aside from the tabbing ability) for the ease of enlarging the text (just hold the CTRL key, and hit the + key).

So, perhaps I'm not the target audience. But, if you haven't already, it might be a good time to buy Apple. And all the companies that stand to make a bundle off the video downloads.

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