I'v added another link to a Carolina blogger - this one is Mike's America. Like me, he is an Ohio transplant to the Lowcountry (we call it that because, well, we don't build basements in this part of the country - we're not too far from sea level).

He has a funny story about Nancy Pelosi and the Delay indictment. The last line of the story is the kicker.

Mike also links to another great blogger I always like, Ace of Spades, who mysteriously disappeared from my Blogroll (but will be re-enrolled posthaste). Ace has the list of top 10 requirements for employment with Al Qaeda
10. Must be eager to work with a dynamic group of diverse suicidal maniacs

9. Must be a "self-starter;" also, a "self-detonator"

8. Must be a "people person"

7. Absolutely no prima donnas! Whether it's fetching coffee or sawing off the head of a female schoolteacher, there are no "small tasks" at Al Qaeda, only "small workers"

6. Must have a good "phone voice"

5. Must be willing to relocate to Paradise on 24 hours notice
Read the rest of the list

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