I finished my big test - am not too hopeful about passing this first time. It's really been too long since my last Chem class. So, at least I got a look at it, and have an idea about how to study for it.

It IS possible I passed, but not likely. The ETS site screwed up. I got a test with A through E answer possibilities, but only A through D answers on the bubble sheet. So, once I noticed (hey, I left home at 4:45 in the am to be there by 7:30), I tried to signal the test proctors. It took 10 minutes to get their attention, then another 15 minutes for them to call ETS about what to do. If I have to take it again, I'm not paying for it. And, they better reimburse me for my expenses. (Don't I sound tough?).

At least I have some breathing room before I have to do it again. It should give me a few months to brush up on chemical formulas, reactions, and such.


MaxedOutMama said…
I'm sorry - I burst out laughing. I was picturing your expression when you realized!

Now I feel really badly. I hope you did pass and I definitely don't think you should have to pay to take the test again!

Write them a letter and ask if Diebold was responsible for the programming.

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