I'M B-A-A-A-C-K!!!

I just finished a PILE of grading; it's my favorite activity, right after taking out my own appendix, without anesthesia. So, I'm feeling fine and very SASSY! Life is good when you have an evening to yourself without any responsibilities.

I've been hearing lately about the documentary on rural SC schools, "Corridor of Shame". It's supposed to be shown on TV soon, so I'm naturally anxious to see it. SC schools have a bad reputation. The state is short of qualified teachers (math, science, and special ed, the usual), there is a wide range of funding, leading to some schools having an overabundance of equipment and lavish buildings, and others with falling-down buildings, unprepared teachers, and a general lack of everything.

I'm in a good place - the district has money for its needs (we may have a few unsatisfied wants), the kids are generally polite and very sweet, and my colleagues are professional and collegial. I really like the school, and the area.

Not all teachers in the state are as lucky. The question is, will more money help? Or is the problem that the money has been badly spent? I honestly don't know, so, if some reader has more knowledge on the subject, send me the information, with references. If I find out, I'll post about it.


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