I was catching up on news events, and stumbled across the original source of the post cited below. It's Debbie Schlussel, who is distantly related to the executive producer.

My apologies for failing to check that out fully.

I just read about the plot developments in the new Jodie Foster movie, Flight Plan, on the Front Page Magazine website. I had seen the promos, and, since I am a sucker for the thriller genre, thought I might enjoy the film.

After reading the Front Page warning, I don't think so anymore. The film teases with suspicions of Middle Eastern bad guys, only to pull a last-minute, totally PC twist - hey, bigoted Neandertals, it's the true-blue Feds and their goose-stepping minions that you need to be suspicious of, not the poor, undertrodden Arabs. Don't you feel ashamed of yourself?

Well, no, actually. I feel this is a blatant attempt to show AMERIKKA how culturally insensitive they are, which, of course, Hollywood knows about, because they have studied the situation so extensively in their own homes, where the undertrodden servants nod approvingly at their enlightened utterances -

isn't ¡Que loco! actually Spanish for "I can totally relate to what you're saying, Dude!

And we can all agree with Rosita's interjection, can't we?

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