Tuesday, July 05, 2005





Over at Dappled Things, Fr. Jim Tucker has been pondering the reason why people are unhappy. As a working priest, he's often confronted with people dissatified with one or more aspects of their lives. He's found a possible explanation:
Doctor Tom More, the psychiatrist main character in Walker Percy's Thanatos Syndrome, says that nearly everyone he knows -- sick, sane, and in between -- falls into one of two categories: the bluebirds or the jaybirds.

The Bluebird of Happiness The bluebirds are people who spend their lives searching for an elusive bluebird of happiness: dreaming of the memories of past joy, awaiting the right person who will fill the gaps in their hearts, convinced that there is something better than what they are living at the moment. They want to be something.

Jaybirds want to do something and to beat someone else out in the doing of it: "to do this or that, take this or that, beat So-and-so out of a promotion, seduce Miss Smith, beat the Steelers... just like a noisy jaybird."

My question is, what bird would be the content and happy person? Maybe him?


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