OK, I think I've got a temporary fix on the template that I can live with for a few weeks, until I get around to designing a more permanent solution. I thought the design of the background was too busy, and, altogether, it looked far too fussy.

It all started when I got a strange display - the text of the posts was pushed WAY down on the page, after the sidebar. Although I finally (with many people's help) figured out what was happening, I still decided to make some changes to the look of the blog.

The tiny ceramic figure at the top of the page is one that I received as a child from my grandmother. I estimate that it's around 50 years old. Don't know whether it's worth anything to anyone else, but it has a priceless value to me. My grandmother died at 97; I miss her still.

Please, if you are from Ohio, consider checking out the link just under the title. It links to the UNOFFICIAL Ken Blackwell for Governor site. It's not too early to start thinking about a replacement for Taft. If we work together, we can use the combined power of our online presence to elect a governor who can lead Ohio in the right direction.

It's late on the Fourth, I'm finally cooled off and relaxed, and on the TV is the ABC special featuring Nick What's-his-name and his ditzy wife, Jessica. I'm not a fan, so I'll change the channel.

Oh, Lord, I just looked at the TV, and saw a sight I never want to see again - Jessica just shook her backside at the audience. They seemed to like it. I didn't.

Where the he(( is the clicker?


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