I found this post via Righty in a lefty state
:It wasn’t profiling. It wasn’t racism. It wasn’t panic or an overreaction. It wasn’t even a mistake.

It was f***ing Darwin, come to collect his due.

Warning: If you are offended by the f-bomb, don't click the link.

I'm angered about the incident, but not because the police responded as they did. I'm furious that the Brazilian, perhaps believing all the popular entertainment that glorifies breaking into a fast getaway when confronted by cops, chose to follow his ill-advised instincts. Too many young men (and sometimes women) take a look at the police, decide "Hey, I'm speedier than that old man (or woman)" and decide to make a run for it.

Bad idea - yes, you're probably a little faster than the cop, but you're definitely slower than a bullet.

And, in a post-bombing London, they aren't inclined to take a chance, when seeing a fleeing person, heavily garbed in cold-weather clothes in a heat wave, ignore warnings to "HALT!"

Nor should they be.

Too often, people actively work against their own survival, let alone the survival of their ethnic/racial group.

  • They run from cops
  • They try robbery on small shopowners, not known to be Bhuddists or Quakers, and, therefore, possibly armed
  • They engage in unprotected sexual activities with relative strangers, or people they know to have addiction problems
  • They ignore signs that their children have taken up gang affiliations

The above are just some of the things that hinder their economic and personal survival.

Lord knows, it's not easy to raise a family in a world that's hostile to their interests. It takes long-term effort. But if you can do no else, at least teach your kids not to act in ways that increase their potential of "death by cop".


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