I woke up, like I usually do, in a great mood (I'm in that minority of morning persons).

Then, I remembered.

Today is the day - Terry is cleared for death. Unless something is done.

For those of us who have been following the story, it may be getting difficult to post again. We've been saying the same things over and over again, and we keep banging our heads against a wall of indifference.

I get comments like "well, I wouldn't want to live like that" and "it's the kindest thing to do when there's no hope left". I've explained the situation, but, with the court firmly on the side of death, it's hard to get anyone to examine the facts.

The facts:
  • Terry Schiavo is NOT brain-dead.
  • Her "husband" got over a million dollars for her rehabilitation, which he has spent on himself and the effort to kill her.
  • Her "husband" lives with a woman, with whom he has fathered 2 children.
  • He brings that woman to visit his wife.
  • He limits access by her parents.
  • He refused to allow her Communion before death.
  • After videos of Terry responding to her environment circulated on the Internet, he got a court order forbidding any further pictures of her to be taken.
  • Her parents have offered to take care of ALL expenses for their daughter, if he will only divorce her. He has refused.

There are further allegations of abuse, both before and after her injuries. I will not mention them, as Mike Schiavo has not been charged. Nor will he ever if he follows through with his plan to IMMEDIATELY cremate his wife at death.

Read the article from GOPUSA, mentioned in My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Follow the links to those of us who are part of Blogs for Terri.

Do it for me. Do it for yourself, if you plan to get any older. We're all just a short accident away from being considered of no use to anybody.


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