Time is running out - if some government entity doesn't intervene, Terry Shiavo will begin her final days. She will have the feeding tube removed, and the painful process will commence.

Think how it felt the last time you were REALLY hungry. For some of us overfed types, that may have been a LONG time ago, if ever. I started a diet in the middle of January, with a calorie limit of between 1200 - 1500 calories a day. For the first week, I felt that I could hardly wait for the next meal. And I was still eating!

Now imagine going through worse for the 10 - 14 days it takes for your body to die of starvation. Without medication to ease the pain.

That's what she will suffer, if we don't keep posting, writing, and calling.

In the next week or so, my daughter and her family will welcome a new life into the world. I'm so on edge that I jump every time the phone rings.

Think about the Schiavos, waiting for the phone call that tells them their child is about to die.

Now do something about it.


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