Well, the judge has extended the stay in the Terry Schiavo case to Friday. The link to a fuller explanation of the reason for the decision, which appears to be based on the illegality of keeping a non-terminal person in a hospice.

Part of the problem with getting judical intervention comes from the fact that, after the initial court case is decided, the medical facts are not arguable, only the legal issues can be brought up in future appeals. Having badly decided the original case, Judge Greer is not able to correct his errors by referring to the facts in the case.

I'm cautiously hopeful, but we can't relax. After the previous attempt to kill Schiavo last year was brought to a halt, for many, the issue died. It took an immediate crisis to get the Blogs for Terri going (I confess, I also let my own life take precedence).

I'm more concerned, for the moment, that we don't let a temporary lapse in the euthanasia push cause us to relax, and let the momentum slip away. It's harder, this time, to get MSM interested. I've been watching the local news channels, and, without exception, they refer to Terri as in a vegative state, if they refer to the case at all.

Why do we care?
  • We care because it could be us
  • We care because it's the right thing to do
  • We care because, if we don't, euthanasia will become, de facto, legal
  • We care because, we don't want to face God and explain that we just got too busy to keep fighting


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