I was directed to this site selling "Che" onesies (they're a one-piece garment for babies. Talk about "red diaper babies!"
I learned about the site at The National Review's Jay Nordlinger.

I have some experience with die-hard leftys. I went to First College, a small, experimental part of Cleveland State University. It was designed by a small group of Sixties radicals. It was meant to provide a counterpoint to the faceless bureaucratic experience that college had become by that time.

In that respect, First College worked. The students were part of the governance of the college from the beginning, through the First College Assembly. The professors' offices were located in the midst of the classrooms, which made interactions a daily event. Although they had strong political convictions (as evidenced by the cartoons covering office windows), what they gave their students was a good and well-rounded education. Writing was the core of the curriculum; if a student didn't eventually develop an ability to create clear and properly cited research papers, it wasn't the professors' fault.

I think fondly of my college years. Although I have come to differ in my political slant, I respect the faculty's committment to a quality education.

As for the leftist bias of the faculty and students, I was less influenced by it than most of the student body. I was older, and had considerable life experience. I had held jobs, was raising a family, and lived with my husband of over 10 years. I was able to off-set theory with practical knowledge.

My experience with Marxists prior to First College came from my friendships with Central European refugees (primarily Hungarian and Czech). Obviously, their experiences differed greatly from the idealized pictures that the assigned texts offered. I remembered one text that I read during the week I was tending my daughter, who was suffering from chicken pox. It was 800 pages on Cuba. I don't know which was more painful, the gushy ode to solidarity of the masses, or keeping my daughter from scratchy with scabs off.


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