It really is amazing how the change of year inspires us to begin making resolutions. I just this weekend decided to take losing weight (mass, actually) a priority. It was probably the old video we were watching of our wedding and first years of marriage. I can't believe that, at the time, I thought I was hideously fat. Little did I know what the future held.

I've been thinking about the future of this blog, and the focus I wanted to bring to my posting. Obviously politics will be a feature, but I think I'll be doing more cultural and social commentary.

The situation in Southeast Asia is a huge concern. First, there's the unbelievable loss of life. As in most tragedies, the very young and the very old have taken a disproportionate hit. Second, the UN seems more concerned about taking credit for the aid offers than in alleviating the suffering. And, selfishly, I worry about the political and social disruption the crisis will cause, and how it will affect the US.

New Year's Resolutions

  • Lose mass. Do this, not by starving myself, but by adding regular activity to my regimen. Wear the pedometer every day.
  • Analyze how I actually spend my time, and cut out the biggest time-waster. No, reading blogs does not count as a waste of time.
  • Get rid of clutter. Like most Americans, I have more stuff than many cities in 3rd-world countries. If it isn't in good enough shape to donate it, junk it.
  • Keep up with friends and family. I tend to let circumstances stand in the way of spending time with those I love.
  • Reduce the paper in my house. I don't need to save all those old financial records. I need to donate my old science magazines to a library or school. And I need to weed out all the old books. I'm not likely to re-read my old college testbooks.
  • Develop a habit of getting my clothes straight from the dryer to the dresser or closet. Too often, they linger in the limbo of piles.
  • Stop watching old Law & Order re-runs! Admit it, I am seriously addicted.


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