In response to my previous post, I got an unexpected gift.

My first troll.

I feel so special!

The beginning of his comment:
What should we be thanking the troops for? Participation in the criminal wars of the Imperium?

Where to begin to comment on this delightful response?


From the definition
there are several alternative meanings:

1. Absolute rule; supreme power.

This definition might be a teeny bit over-the-top. I know that The Dark Lord Cheney yearns for this level of control, but it's difficult to put into place where the proletariat maintains their own gun supplies.

2. A sphere of power or dominion; an empire.

A sphere of power might be a more reasonable possibility. After all, we DO hope to influence the emerging republics along democratic (small d) lines.

Alas, we not only DON"T have an empire; we apparently don't plan to, either. I say "alas", because I've always hankered after the high style of empires, not to mention that I could really use some good, inexpensive underlings to clean up after me.

3. Law. The right or power of a state to enforce the law.

This definition seems like a good thing, as Martha would say. I'd have to say, "thank you", then, for the reference.

By now, if Simon has read this far, I'm thinking that he might be a bit --- peeved. All that effort, and I'm not incensed into a flame war. Instead, he gets treated like some of the riders I used to have sitting next to me on the city bus (oh, yes, some of the Imperial masters have emerged from the wastelands of the carless).

It happened maybe twice a month. Someone would board the bus, chose me to sit next to, and, after the bus got underway, begin.

They usually looked fairly normal - not smelly, or obviously raving. They just were a little "off". Their conversation didn't have the normal back-and-forth aspects you generally expected. They didn't expect any answers.

They just wanted to rant. Or get an answer they could talk about. Like a hostile one.

Most riders spent an uncomfortable 15-20 minute ride, trying to avoid a noisy confrontation. Some stared blankly ahead, others focused on reading material, or stared out the window.

A very small minority changed seats. That was not always a good move. Mostly, it set them off into a rage.

It got worse in the 70s. De-institutionalization had a high price in the poorer areas of the city. We got stuck with the loonies the more privileged types didn't want messing up their nice suburbs. We also got stuck with their paroled family members, who they didn't want around their nice neighborhood.

The same sort of thing goes on today, with Amber's Law. The released sex offenders go into the less-advantaged section of cities. Out of sight, out of mind.

I guess I'm the low-rent blog for beginning trolls.

I feel so special.


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